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December 11, 2018

San Pedro, Belize on Tuesday Nights, Belize Tropical Dream Villas

There are many popular island activities on Tuesday nights that you won’t want to miss while you are visiting. Here are a few suggestions for you and your party.

The first is Road Kill Bar, located only one block from Belize Tropical Dream Villas. Situated on the corner of corner of Coconut Drive and Hurricane Street, this humble establishment is well known for its ‘Wade the Gringo’ burgers – but Tuesday nights are Taco Tuesday. For 50 cents US a taco, everyone in your group can enjoy ‘Taco Bell’ style tacos and a Belikin or two. While they do not have a beachside view, everyone will enjoy the music and fun. Also, as this is a popular local favorite, you’ll have the opportunity to visit with many of the island residents and learn what life is like for expats and Belizeans alike!

After dinner, head across the street to Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar located at Exotic Caye Beach Resort. Beginning at 6 pm, Canuck’s hosts Hermit Crab Races. This is a quintessential island activity for a fun time on Tuesday evenings in San Pedro! You will NOT want to miss it! For only $5BZD, Guests are invited to select a crab and provide it with an appropriate racing name. The names that people come up with are hilarious! At race time, the crabs are placed in the center of a round game board. As they race toward the outer rim of the field, aka the finish line, everyone enthusiastically cheers their crab on to victory! The crabs must maneuver over and around obstacles such as ropes and rocks to win the race. The playing field also has several prizes, such as Caye Coffee, Old Master Fine Rum and gift certificates from local businesses; so when your crab touches these objects, you win! Excellent odds for your entry fee! It may sound silly but it’s all harmless fun that raises funds to support a local school, Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES), and a local children’s charity, Daryl’s Kids of Belize. So, join in the fun and spectacle while raising money for great local causes. There are many rounds of races throughout the night, and the hilarious commentary of Rob (owner of Crazy Canucks) alone is worth the visit, even if you’re not a participant! Children are welcome for the early races as Rob tries to keep the commentary PG, for the first few rounds at least…

Tuesday nights at home may be just another day but in San Pedro, they are a time for fun and great food! From laughter and the new friends you’ll meet along the way, you’ll create memories of a carefree time spent doing something that benefits the community you’re visiting. That sounds like an evening well spent!

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