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July 21, 2017

Our Top 5 Dinner Restaurant Picks for Ambergris Caye, Belize Tropical Dream Villas

I don’t know about you, but when we travel, we LOVE to EAT! We love nothing better than a great meal with an appealing atmosphere that really brings the culture of the place you are visiting to the forefront. Every time we visit our soon-to-be home, Ambergris Caye, Belize, we feel it is our duty to try new food places and share our findings with our guests and future guests. When you only have a numbered amount of evenings in a vacation spot, nobody wants to waste a precious meal opportunity on bad food, bad service or bad atmosphere!

To date (this is subject to change as we move to the island and visit more restaurants!) the following is a list of our top 5 favorite restaurants for DINNER:

Hidden Treasures – This open-air (but covered) restaurant is fine dining at it’s best! While this place does not have a beach view, it is so classy and well landscaped that you actually don’t miss the water. HT is located South of San Pedro by about a mile and is hidden back in a residential area towards the lagoon side of the island. The breeze and multiple fans gently moves the gauzy curtains that surround the seating platform for guests’ comfort and is lit by charming candles, twinkle lights and well placed lighting with soft music in the background. Non-intrusive mosquito repellent coils also surround the platform to ensure that they don’t bother you while enjoying your outdoor dining experience. The menu features a variety of proteins from seafood to chicken to beef – all done to perfection! The menu is a creative affair with Caribbean flair and flavors that are sure to delight even the pickiest eaters (like Brian!). Pricing is on point with fine dining and will range from $30 to $50 USD per person including beverages. Reservations are recommended.

Elvi’s Kitchen – Right in the heart of San Pedro, located on Middle Street just one block in from the Town Square/Water Taxi, sits a jewel of a restaurant! If you are looking for delicious Belizean food and creative dishes with a touch of Mexico, this is the place to go. While it is not located on the beach, they bring the sand to you! The entire restaurant floor is sand and features a huge tree in the center of the dining room lit with twinkle lights and vibrant decor. Every Friday features their Grand Mayan Buffet for dinner (buffet closes at about 8:30pm, so don’t go too late if you want that for dinner!) as well as their full dinner menu. Pricing ranges from $20 to $30 USD per person including beverages and reservations are recommended.

Truck Stop – Not quite sure what you are in the mood for or can’t agree on what cuisine everyone wants to eat? Head on over to the Truck Stop! This place is actually located North of the bridge to San Pedro about a mile after you cross the bridge. This outdoor restaurant is actually 5 restaurants and bar in 1! Individual food ‘trucks’ have set up shop with a variety of different options of cuisines, a bar for beverages and even an ice cream truck! The Truck Stop is always good for a fun atmosphere, game of corn-hole or live band. Prices range from $7 to $15 per person for food with beverages based on your bar tab! No reservations needed, just a desire to kick back and have a great time!

Caliente – Ready to try some Mexican food? Head on over to Front Street to the waterfront restaurant that’s known for their Margaritas! Caliente is perfectly positioned for a beautiful view with dinner on their open air back deck. The first bowl of chips and salsa are complimentary but your next bowl will cost you so eat chips slow, enjoy the scenery and your dinner will be at the table before you know it. Tip: save some salsa if you order the guacamole, it’ll need the help for some flavor. The menu features items such as seafood, chicken, beef and veggie options with good sized portions at a fair price. Dinner will cost you about $20 USD per person with beverages. Reservations not needed.

Taste of Thailand – We believe that we are VERY lucky to have such a wonderful restaurant literally next door. As fans of Asian food (it will be served at our wedding, we like it that much!), we have been a little wary to try Chinese food on the island. However, we had heard great things about Taste of Thailand and they did not disappoint! Brian is a huge fan of their hot and sour soup and I have enjoyed anything that I have gotten from there. Their prices are great and portions are big, so be prepared to take some home with you! A dinner for 2 with beverages will run you about $30 to $50 USD. They are not typically crowded as they are off the main road, but I hope they are around for a long time because the smells coming from their kitchen every night are mouth watering!

Side note: We found an amazing place in Belize City just outside the airport, China Sky or something like that – YUMMY! But somehow the little Chinese places on the island seem a bit to sketchy yet for us to brave a try. When we tried the “Panda’s Express” it was horrible and ended up in the trash. The name OK Fast Food just doesn’t inspire us to walk in and give them a try. LOL I am sure we will eventually get there (in trying other Chinese food) and will write about it. But until then, we will continue to try new places and let you know what we like and didn’t like!

Second Side note: Brianna’s on Back Street, we went, we sat…and sat and waited… 15 minutes later we got up and left – passing the server who was texting on his phone on our way out. Not one person approached us to take our order. We will never go back and I wouldn’t recommend them based on their “service” alone.

There you have it, your dinner line up for your 5 night trip to Belize! There are many many other places to eat, these are just the ones we have tried and enjoyed so far. We love talking to our guests to see where they ate and get their experiences!

We look forward to working with our favorite eateries and being able to offer special VIP deals that can only be gotten by showing your Tropical Dream Villa key ring! Just another way we are working hard for our guests to be able to Vacation like they live here!

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