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February 27, 2018

5 Mouthwatering Meals To Have In San Pedro, Belize Tropical Dream Villas

So one of the biggest questions we get asked as Hosts of a rental property here in San Pedro, is where is the closest place to eat? Now, that is relative to where you are staying of course and its also do to guest traveling all day and starving. So I figured why not write an article about the best places to eat on San Pedro. Now, it would be easy to throw out some touristy places and send you there, You’d likely have a good meal and great atmosphere and wouldn’t think any thing about it. But that in no way means you got the best, most affordable or unique dinning experience.

So without any further gabbing here is our 5 favorite places to eat in San Pedro. (These are not necessarily in any order.)

1. Boogies Belly- Okay, full disclosure. This is a little hole in the wall place that only serves Breakfast. Open from 7am-11am but you do not want to miss it. They serve meat pies, stuffed fry jacks, stuffed waffles, Creole bread and more. The food is fantastic. Stuffed fry jacks are 8 bzd or 4 usd and they are gigantic. Highly recommended. Be careful of the chile sauce they give you. Great flavor, but it will light you up.

2. El Fagon- This is a traditional Belizian restaurant that still does things the way your Belizian grandmother used to do it. Food is cooked over and open fire in black pots. Stewed beef, chicken and fish is some of the draws to the place, but my wife loves the Belize fried chicken. She claims its the best fried chicken she’s ever had. I am a full supporter of the stewed beef.

3. Hidden Treasures- This is a romantic restaurant with a very nice feel to it. Food is kind of an elevated Belize cuisine but it has yet to disappoint. If you plan on a nice dinner with that special someone, or with a group of friends, this is the place to go. Chicken curry and rice, Fillet Minion, and Snapper are just a few of the dishes offered here. Wine selection is pretty good as well.

4. Coconut Cafe- Remember when I said people always ask about the closest place to eat, well to us, the closes and best is this little gem. This place is open from 8am-3pm and serves great breakfast and lunch items. French toast, Pancakes, Panini’s, Burritios. Tim is a chef from Kansas city and everything he does is from scratch. Great place to get your morning started or to recharge for that second group of dives in the afternoon.

5. The Truck Stop- Just a bit north of the bridge is a little outdoor bar and food court. This place offers a little something for everyone. Made out of some old shipping containers this place is not only fun, the food is delicious. There is a pizza, Mexican, and Thai fusion, and for those that need something a little sweeter, an ice cream shop all at the Truck stop. Oh, don’t forget to wear your swim trunks as they have a pool and games like bag toss and giant connect four.

This of course is not the end all be all of great places to eat. But for those, I guess you’ll just have to come down and see us for the full tour. See ya then, can’t wait to welcome you home.

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